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All products on the website are licence free items in Finland and they can be exported without export licences. We can therefore accept orders from any location at buyers risk. Special wishes concerning shipping arrangements will be honoured. - VERKKOKAUPPA

HUOM! Tämä sivusto ei ole enää toiminnassa, on siirtynyt verkkokaupparakenteeseen: 2014 - verkkokauppa


Uudistettu verkkokauppa korvaa vanhan sivuston, ja tilauksia voi tehdä jatkossa vain verkkokauppajärjestelmän kautta.


Presently, we do not accept credit cards or credit card based payments like PayPal. In Europe the general trend is to use bank transfers that are 100% secure, there is no risk of the payment getting lost or the credit card information being stolen and misused. In the case that a bank transfer cannot be arranged, we can accept Western Union. International orders must be prepaid in full before shipping. is owned by a limited company Vega Systems Oy. The existence of Vega Systems Ltd. can be easily confirmed from the Finnish trade register ( BIS-database, which is also available in English. / Vega Systems Oy / Vega Systems Oy
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